Welcome to  the "RSCLPINWORLD"
       This website is for Royal Standard Club Liege Football fans, their and other pin collectors around the world and anyone  else interested.

       The goal  from  this site is to catalogue all existing official and non -official football memorabilia pins from the Standard Liege  soccer team and additionally to catalogue some personal football memories and memorabilia.

       It has no commercial purpose and is only done with the dedication to collecting pins from my team.

       I am a Flemish Standard Liege fan from birth, and will be a fan till the end of my days.  This is known in Belgium as "une fois rouches, toujour rouches"
       If you have any Pins or have knowledge about Standard Liège Pins that are not on this site I would be very grateful if you could  ad it to my collection or at least to sent me a picture to extend the catalogue. You will get nor famous nor rich in doing so but you would help me to extend my collection and all of us  to have the best possible catalogue.

       It is my conviction that collectors around the world should help each other with  there  collections. I will be glad to return the favour.

       Feel free to visit also my doubles  collection, maybe we can swap some pins. You can sent me an E mail via  contact@rsclpinworld.be

       Thank You for visiting and have fun