I visited VincenÁ and Joseph Codinach in Mataro Spain in there very nice "El Petit Museu del Pins del Barca". I congratulate them with there huge collection. They have indead a lot of very interestiing items and made a very nice collectors museum. Thank you again for th every warm welcome.

In the same trip to Barca i visted the "Nou Camp" Stadium, home of FC Barcelona. They have a very nice museum. Not so difficult when you have so much history and trophees to show.

Here some pictures from myself on the ground and outside "Camp Nou".

In the Museum one trophee is very special to Standard Liege fans. The CWC 1981-1982 where Standard played Barca in Camp Nou and lost the final with 2-1. Untill today it still is a big discussion amongst our fans because we still are convinced that Standard should have won the final.